Affinage Professional

The Company

Affinage Professional is one of the largest independently owned salon professional hair care manufacturers in Australia servicing NZ, Asia Pacific and the Indian Subcontinent.

The Projects 

Press Release Writing

This story was created to highlight the features of a new collection in tandem with the brand’s social responsibility, achieving coverage in Instyle, Hair Biz and Images Magazine. 

READ: Affinage Professional Launches Vegan Cleanse & Care Retail Collection

Blog Post Strategy, Writing & Editing

An SEO friendly blog content plan was developed and delivered using marketing insights to attract potential customers and provide value to existing users. 

Driving product demand

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READ: The Professional Hair Styling Products You Need in 2020

Repurposing educational resources

READ: The Ultimate Guide to Bright Hair Colouring With Pop Art

Interviewing technical experts

READ: The Secret to Creating a Perfect Clean Blonde Every Time

READ: Top 4 Ways to Use Thermal Protectant for Hair Colouring & Styling

Curating trending inspiration

READ: Top 20 Hair Colour Recipes for 2019

READ: Top 5 Winter Hair Colour Trends With Recipes

What can we do for you?

Send us the details on how we can help you create standout content to team{at} and let’s kick off a conversation!

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