eWed Insurance

The Client

Location: USA

eWed Insurance offers affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage for weddings from first deposit to farewell brunch.

The Project

Services: Blog Content, Social Media Content, Email Content

The client wanted to raise awareness about how couples can protect their wedding investment. We created a 1,500 word blog post to make the connection between wedding day disasters with the company’s cancellation and liability insurance. This was published in conjunction with social media and email marketing campaigns.

7 Worst Wedding Disasters (And How to Stop Them Ruining Your Big Day)

Of all the wedding fears that can play on your mind, it’s the big day disasters that are most responsible for those sleepless nights during the wedding countdown. We’re talking worst case scenarios where you’re left wondering how you could be so unlucky!

While no one has a crystal ball, there are a few things you can do to sidestep these stressful situations and have the best plan in place for whatever curve balls life throws at you.

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