Laguna Pearl

The Client

Location: USA

Laguna Pearl is a trusted online retailer of premium quality pearl jewelry delivering competitive prices and stellar customer service. 

The Project

Services: Blog Content, Social Media Content

Laguna Pearl sought our expertise to help re-energise consumer interest in pearls. We created a content framework based on SEO and audience research for their blog post. On receipt of their draft, we contributed additional information and impactful images to create a comprehensive style report featuring trending celebrity and fashion references to drive reader engagement. The story was supported by a social media campaign. 

The Feedback

“I never thought about swaying from a diamond before for an engagement ring! It seems like an unwritten law. However, as a life-long lover of pearls, I’m taken aback by this ring! It is gorgeous. Perhaps it will start a new trend for soon-to-be newlyweds. I wouldn’t have heard about this if it wasn’t for your article.” – Reader Review

Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring: Why Pearls Are Making a Wedding Comeback

When Emma Stone got engaged late last year, her partner proposed with an antique-style engagement ring featuring a luminous centre pearl surrounded by a delicate cluster of diamonds. 

Celebs sporting massive rocks is the Hollywood standard, so we were thrilled to see an A-lister ditch the carat count entirely! But this non-traditional choice also signaled the start of a wedding comeback for pearls. 

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