The Client

Location: Sweden

Used by over 100,000 people worldwide, Mapiful is an online design tool allowing customers to create customizable wall art for their home based on their favorite places and memories.

The Project

Services: Blog Content, Social Media Content, Email Content

Mapiful contracted us to write a blog post that would capture the essence of their brand and incentivise readers to use a discount code. To ensure the content would have broad audience appeal, we created a story focused on celebrating relationship milestones. We supported this article with social media and email marketing campaigns. 

The Feedback

“Amazing! The article looks fantastic. We have been more than happy to work with you, you guys are super effective and lovely writers!” – Mapiful

You’ll never forget where you first met, fell in love, or said ‘I Do”. These moments are forever linked to the places we experience them and worthy of something special to mark the occasion.

Here are five creative ideas for celebrating and displaying your relationship milestones.

What can we do for you?

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